Winter Style Essentials

So if you’re anything like me, you walk past windows of a very expensive store that just happen to have THE coat of your dreams and die slightly on the inside, as your bank account loudly reminds you that no, you can’t have that nice thing. #rude. Heading into winter, it’s no secret that I’ve... Continue Reading →

I’m THAT guy…

I know a lot of people find it incredibly annoying when their friends insist on taking pictures of food to perfect their Instagram feeds. Well, buckle up folks, I’m very much that guy, and my friends KNOW it. I console them by saying that I at least am perfectly aware that I’m a obnoxious piece... Continue Reading →

Floating in Space

So to start, I apologise for the rather cryptic title of this week's ramble. This week for me has been a roller coaster of sorts, my brain constantly spiralling down towards the black hole that is a mental health related slump. I've been unproductive and had a collection of the classic "ye olde existential crisis"... Continue Reading →

Crazy Plant Lady

So based upon my Instagram feed it’s fairly well established that I have a slight obsession with collecting succulents and cacti. As a self-branded “plant mama” I take this very seriously. Each one of my plants has a name, and I love each one. I would have no clue as to what species each one... Continue Reading →

Fix my Face

Those who know me best know that I don’t tend to wear a lot of makeup. Usually I wake up in the morning and simply cannot be arsed to do my face instead of lie in bed for an extra ten minutes (I’m one of those people who sets three alarms and snoozes every single... Continue Reading →

Rain calls for a Pillow Fort.

As I write this I’m curled up on my couch with the windows open, the occasional rumble fills the skies, the light is fifty shades of grey (not like that, get your mind out of the gutter!!), and the smell of plants embracing the rain is the scent of the hour. I’m a sucker for... Continue Reading →

Be my Valentine?

Valentine’s Day. The day in which social media and every shop you walk into is covered in love hearts, teddy bears, flowers and chocolate. If you’re in a relationship, it’s the day to spoil your significant other and to have a nice time with them. To those of us on the single side of the... Continue Reading →

Health Kicks and Nugget Wars

Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to exercise and eat better... with admittedly mixed results. I’ve tried to cut out as much soft drink (or “soda” for you, Americans) as possible and just drink water because that’s what healthy people do, right? And then there’s also trying to eat like a responsible adult... Continue Reading →

Hi. This is a blog…

Hi there. You've probably stumbled upon this space by accident, or you've looked at it as a result of seeing a link in my instagram bio... or just from me being that obnoxious person who says "please read my blog to boost my cripplingly low self-esteem". Regardless of how you got here... welcome! Basically over... Continue Reading →

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