Hi. This is a blog…

Hi there.

You’ve probably stumbled upon this space by accident, or you’ve looked at it as a result of seeing a link in my instagram bio… or just from me being that obnoxious person who says “please read my blog to boost my cripplingly low self-esteem”. Regardless of how you got here… welcome!

Basically over the past few weeks/months, I have come to a conclusion about myself. I’m on the road to becoming one of those “hipsters”. I mean hello, look at this muppet who started a blog! But seriously though, I’ve just come to realise that the things, places and food that I like seem to reflect a lot of the trends that are now associated with being “a hipster” or whatever as I’m heading into my twenties. However growing up… well… I was never one of the cool kids who were effortlessly “on trend”, and I simply didn’t care. Which makes this whole thing kind of ironic.

One of my best friends delights in calling me “hipster queen” because she thinks that this strange irony is hilarious, but here’s the thing: I don’t think I completely fall under the label of hipster. And why? Because at the end of the day I’m still a doof who watches way too much content on YouTube and prides herself in the knowledge of memes and enjoys people free time shared with my dog. Not to mention that I actually have a cactus named Gordon Ramsey and think that’s hilarious.

But getting back to the point. What is this space and why join the blogging bandwagon? I am a self-professed instagram addict, and I love sharing visually what interests me and what I get up to…and what I eat (yes, I’m THAT guy) with both friends and strangers. But in terms of actually having a theme? Hell, I dont even know what the theme of my instagram is except for “random things Amy occasionally posts on the internet”. So I’ve spent time trying to come up with a cohesive social media brand, and kept hitting walls. Because I never seemed to fit under one category… a travel blog? I don’t go outside enough! A food blog? I’m broke as all hell. A beauty and fashion blog? See my previous reasoning… ($$$). Fitness? Aw HELL naw. I’m definitely not committed enough for that. So this bizarre mish-mash of things have slowly become this space – Nashiee Notes.

This is going to be my brain dump! Yes, you read that right. A vortex of ramblings, failures of health kicks, why food is the best and documenting places I go and my mild addiction to Mecca Maxima. This is where I write about things that make me happy that might make you happy too.

I figured I might try blogging because of the whole… y’know, #newyearnewme rubbish. But actually though, I’ve thought about what would be the perfect opening blog to launch my corner of the interwebs with many, many times, and written hundreds of drafts in my head in an attempt to not sound like an incoherent fruit-loop… but I suppose this ramble will have to do.



white ceramic teacup with brown liquid inside
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

“When we share, we open doors to a new beginning.” 
― Paul Bradley Smith


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    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad you liked reading my post! I’ve had a look at your blog posts and I love your writing style, it has a really authentic voice and I’m keen to read more of your stuff! x


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