Be my Valentine?

Valentine’s Day. The day in which social media and every shop you walk into is covered in love hearts, teddy bears, flowers and chocolate. If you’re in a relationship, it’s the day to spoil your significant other and to have a nice time with them. To those of us on the single side of the table, sometimes Valentine’s Day sucks.

The one time I did have a valentine I got given a lollipop from the school canteen which cost 50 cents from my boyfriend at the time. So needless to say my experiences of Valentine’s Day have usually been fairly average… but that’s okay! Not everyone can handle how fabulous I am (sarcasm, for the kids up the back)!! But in all seriousness, for us single gals and blokes, we need to keep a positive attitude here because Valentine’s Day is a day to spread love.

Who said it has to be completely romantic and not platonic? Give your best friend or a family member something to say “I love and appreciate you”! Or you could spend the day showering yourself with “self love”.

Self love/care is absolutely NOT my strong point. I usually tend to run myself ragged and collapse at the end of a week and wonder how I got there and why I feel like I have the twinkle stars circling around my head like a cartoon character. It’s been a lengthy process even getting to the point where I do nice things and show love to myself.

Sometimes I get a bath bomb. Sometimes I read a good book. Sometimes I treat myself to a new moisturiser or something. Sometimes it’s retail therapy… well okay this one time I went to a pet store and bought a full aquarium because one of my goldfish had died and (since I find having fish somewhat therapeutic) I wanted to throw myself back into chronic fish mama mode. What does that have to do with self-love/care? Maybe I just strongly feel that being a fish mama is part of my happy place, okay? Geez.

Back to Valentine’s Day. So in theory this is a day of which commercialism exploits the land of those who aren’t single into spending money on gifts and flowers for their loved one. I get the idea of having a day to do that sort of stuff, but shouldn’t showing love to your partner/friends/family be in small ways through the every day routine? Show your fam or buds or lovey how much you appreciate them not just today, but every day of the year!

But of course, if you have cutesy dates and whatnot planned, go ahead and #treatyoself to a nice dinner or a movie or something fun! Have a nice time with that special person and make it something worth remembering.

If you’re single, like me? Make it a day of self love! Go get those nails done, eat tasty food, snuggle up with your dog/cat/whatever you want to, and DEFINITELY cash in on the fact that chocolate is going to be insanely cheap tomorrow when the fanfare is over. I know I will!


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