Rain calls for a Pillow Fort.

As I write this I’m curled up on my couch with the windows open, the occasional rumble fills the skies, the light is fifty shades of grey (not like that, get your mind out of the gutter!!), and the smell of plants embracing the rain is the scent of the hour. I’m a sucker for a rainy day – it’s basically Mother Nature granting me a legitimate excuse to stay indoors with a nice hot cup of tea and a blanket and spend my time going down a YouTube rabbit hole. For me, rainy days are best kept for self care and transforming into a toasty cinnamon roll.

I mean, of course then you see those instagrammers who post the perfect picture of their “cozy” rainy days, with their perfectly shaved legs, conveniently and prettily matching pajamas, and cups of tea/coffee, usually a book, and a perfectly prepared serve of toast all on top of a blanket that usually looks like fairy floss or that someone took all the fur that is constantly moulting from my dog and made it into a rug.

Don’t know about you, but I shave my legs maybe once a week if I think of it and my sleepwear collection is a bizarre mix and match including Star Wars boxers, a Dan & Phil tour t-shirt, a shirt with a Dalek on it and space themed flannel pants. #glamorous, am I right? Rainy days are for being comfy, not coordinating pajamas for that perfect “cozy” rainy day photo. Honestly I think being comfy is the definition of cozy, throwing all aesthetic goals aside.

Some days, I just need the space and time to splat and chill in comfy clothes and take the time to read, play a game, or simply nap in perfect solitude. The days where it’s impractical to go outside are the days I reserve for me, with hot baths, face masks, body scrubs and all the other cliché things classic white girls use when they go down the rabbit hole of “self care”.

Whilst I’m totally going to be that guy and post something trashy on my Instagram feed that is my try-hard attempt to be almost as cool as those lifestyle bloggers (*cough* follow @_nashiee_ *cough), at least I know I’m a try hard because I like pretty pictures. Who knows, maybe my dalek shirt will make an appearance one day. Maybe. Now if you will excuse me, I’m grabbing my blanket and having a nap surrounded by an ungodly amount of cushions (PILLOW FORT!) in the name of self care whilst I can still hear the rain.


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