Fix my Face

Those who know me best know that I don’t tend to wear a lot of makeup. Usually I wake up in the morning and simply cannot be arsed to do my face instead of lie in bed for an extra ten minutes (I’m one of those people who sets three alarms and snoozes every single one and keeps smacking them for an hour before I actually remember I have to get up and feed my goldfish).

I have insane respect for people who can effortlessly slap makeup on and go to work or the gym or wherever and look fresh as a daisy even at the end of the day. They have serious skills, but I also want to know what setting spray they use because DAMN their makeup does not move!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my setting spray because it makes my face stay on for a bit longer than it would otherwise. After months of panda eyes I’ve actually only just gotten the hang of liquid eyeliner. Pro-tip … don’t put it on if you’re in a hurry unless you are basically a goddess with flawless skills. Which I am not. And its fiddly as all hell. Would recommend the “stay all day” liquid liner from Stila though. Thats good stuff. Also figured out that it stays on better with eyeshadow. WHY DID I ONLY JUST FIND THIS NOW?!! #makeupnoob

Lipstick is something that’s always blown my mind. Why? Because I don’t really channel the confidence to wear bright lippy anywhere except for a special occasion. Even then I feel like it’s going to come off quickly and look flaky and gross. Apparently this is just in my brain but I can’t help but feel like a clown with the occasional lipstick mark on her teeth. Of course, nine times out of ten that’s my overly chatty anxious brain’s desperate attempt to make internal conversation.

Of late I’ve been going for a more neutral peachy shade, “Back in Vogue” by MAC – it’s a liquid lipstick, I really like the colour, and SHOCKINGLY I don’t feel like it’s falling off all the time! It’s super comfy to wear (using lip primer also helps. Apparently that’s a thing I’ve been missing) and it’s a super pretty shade. Not gonna lie – saw Taylor Swift wearing it on a post she put on Instagram and so (as an ode to my teenage swiftie self… who am I kidding I still love me some T-Swizzle) I went and checked the colour out myself at Mecca Maxima. It’s a super nice lippy for a not-so bold look, and makes me feel like a Queen whenever I belt out the lyrics to “Delicate” or “Getaway Car”. Seriously though, it’s hella dangerous for me to have a Mecca Maxima less than twenty minutes from my house… Rest In Peace, paycheck!

In terms of skin care, I simply CANNOT go past Soap and Glory. Their hand food is actually to die for, and whenever my hands decide to channel a snake and shed their outer layer of skin that hand cream completely saves the day and my hands smell delish. Not to mention the Smoothie Star body scrub makes me so damn hungry, but also makes me feel and smell like a delicious oat and maple muffin. It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

Also their packaging is super fun and (those who know me best know that I gravitate away from pink at all costs), I actually don’t mind the bright pink vibes the brand channels. From a graphic design point of view, their packaging design is ON. FREAKING. POINT.

No matter how many times I watch makeup application videos on Instagram I know, deep down, that I will never be a makeup guru. But hopefully, with the small arsenal I’ve acquired, I have hope to fix my face! For everyone else out there, with makeup or no makeup, you all SLAYYYYY QUEENS!!!


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