I’m THAT guy…

I know a lot of people find it incredibly annoying when their friends insist on taking pictures of food to perfect their Instagram feeds. Well, buckle up folks, I’m very much that guy, and my friends KNOW it.

I console them by saying that I at least am perfectly aware that I’m a obnoxious piece of try-hard hipster shit “doing it for the gram”. I thoroughly enjoy my very specifically filtered Instagram feed, thank you very much.

The reason why I enjoy documenting the places I go through the things I eat is because, for me, memories are strongly influenced by the food in that memory. Yes, I think with my stomach, but honestly with so many aesthetically pleasing foods and places around nowadays can you blame me? I thank the resident hipster gods for this turn in food culture.

Food is something that brings people together. Friends come together over a meal and chat about old memories and make new ones. Whilst food is definitely key for the whole, y’know, survival thing, it’s also one of the strongest ways to communicate with each other and with your body.

For example, in my case, mac and cheese brings warmth and comfortable. Ice cream brings joy and sweetness. Enchiladas take me back to New Mexico. Ramen is to feel cozy on cold and wet days. Smoothie bowls bring freshness and console my otherwise terrible eating habits. You get the picture.

Unless somehow you missed the memo, I’m also a giant Instagram addict. I use that app infinitely more than Facebook or twitter because I am a visual person, and have always been more responsive to images than words. I realise the irony of me writing a blog is made rather clear here but let’s put that aside.

Food is something that makes me happy because it always makes me feel something. And for me, if it brings me joy I want to share that with people. Or it just looks incredibly satisfying and I just want to show off how pretty it is… after all, as a muppet with a design degree, aesthetics that are on point are also very pleasing to me.

I’m at the point where I know I’m being THAT guy wherever I go or whatever I do, waving my phone around hoping for the perfect snap, but you know what? #imtrashyandiknowit


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