Winter Style Essentials

So if you’re anything like me, you walk past windows of a very expensive store that just happen to have THE coat of your dreams and die slightly on the inside, as your bank account loudly reminds you that no, you can’t have that nice thing. #rude.

Heading into winter, it’s no secret that I’ve always preferred the styles and trends associated with the cooler seasons. In the summer, all sense of trendiness goes out the window for me because I simply cannot be arsed to put in a large amount of effort. Why? Because I live in Australia and it’s so damn hot to think straight.

Also makeup literally melts off my face no matter how much setting spray I use because it can’t combat how much I sweat on days warmer than thirty five degrees Celsius. So for fifty percent of the year I’m usually at my fashion peak, whilst for the remaining fifty percent I usually resemble a potato in a t-shirt and linen shorts, usually found dying in front of an air conditioner.

Back on topic for winter fashion. These are the items of clothing which are versatile enough to beat ANY incoming trends over multiple winters. For me, one of my main staples is decent quality coat. The beauty of a good coat is that you can wear it all the time, but also style it in a thousand different ways with accessories and scarves. It’s an investment that will pay off for years to come.

What you wear underneath a coat also has a HUGE impact on the overall look. Are you going for a cutesy, first date sweetheart look? Wear a cute dress underneath with a colourful scarf and leggings. Wanting a more practical look? Wear it with a brightly coloured knit, skinny jeans and your favourite shoes for that effortless, “thrown together” look. Also, coats look hella cute with culottes and chunky shoes. You’ll thank me later.

I cannot stress enough the importance of a decent pair of boots. Yes, investing in a really decent pair of boots may hurt the bank account, but you’ll get YEARS of wear out of them. If you get a neutral colour such as tan, black or beige, your boots will be versatile enough to work with any and every conceivable trend that emerges from the runway.

It might be tempting to get the boots with the insane amount of tassels and buckles and lord knows what else, but trust me – a simple, practical pair of boots works with absolutely anything. Wearing a dress? Pair the boots with tights or leggings. Jeans? Pair the boots with a neutral coloured jacket and use super bright accessories to draw the eye, and make the outfit POP.

Anyone who knows me well knows that when it’s winter time, I’m the one to break out the coloured scarves with my otherwise (eighty-percent of the time) monochrome wardrobe. I actually only have about three or four scarves that I rotate with any outfit. My personal favourite styles of scarves are a deep red, a classic mustard yellow, or a subtle plaid patterned one.

Whilst silk scarves are super pretty, and completely have their place in spring and autumn, I swear by cotton based scarves through winter. I personally find some wool scarves too scratchy for me, so I usually compromise with a super wide cotton scarf that can be bunched up to make up for the absence of volume a wool scarf provides.

Mix these three main things with other items already in your wardrobe, such as basic plain t-shirts, graphic t-shirts, blouses – anything at all. But most importantly wear what makes YOU feel cute and cozy. I found a jumper from Sportsgirl the other day which feels like a cloud and it’s not leaving my body until summer.


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